Six Myths That Have Been Completely Busted

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Six Myths That Have Been Completely Busted

Here’s a guide of things you should not believe, as these myths have been completely busted! Even though these stories and beliefs have been widely spread and a lot of people still believe in them!

Next time someone starts to persuade you about the truth of these claims, prove them wrong, as these are completely false!

But, oh well, if you repeat a lie a thousand times – it will be the truth, but you of all people shouldn’t be fooled!  So let’s start with this list of common misconceptions:

  1. There are different sections; different tongue parts, which taste difference tastes. WRONG!

downloadYours tongue is full of taste buds and these collect the sensations of food you eat and send them to your brain.  There are no different sections for each taste, and this is one common misconception, then there is a part of your tongue which tastes only bitter, or sour, or salty, or sweet or savory.

  1. Sharks Cannot Get Cancer, Right? No. Wrong.

All people, animals, and even plants can get cancer, unfortunately.  Sharks, too, can get cancer, particularly skin cancer.  So do not be fooled that this cannot happen to these animals, only because their oil it is used to strengthen your immune system.  They are as vulnerable as any human or animal, even though they might be predators in the sea.

  1. You Can Jump Into a Black Hole – Whoops! Nope.

Black holes are not really holes, but rather huge dense objects with an amazing and powerful gravitational pull, which would consume anything, or a light which happens to be around them.

  1. A Tiny-Tiny Emperor Was Tiny-Tiny – No He Wasn’t

Napoleon_StyleFrame1A common misconception about Napoleon is that he was short, but this couldn’t be further away from the truth as Napoleon was 5 feet and 7 inches tall.  Even though he wasn’t really tall when you consider are modern standards, his height was actually above average for of Frenchmen of the time.  Therefore, next time you picture Napoleon do not imagine a dwarf.

  1. Did You Know You Can See The Great Wall of China From Space? Did You Know This Is Not True?

Now a lot of people are using this myth as if they were in space themselves.  Next time someone tells you that you can see the Great Wall of China from space you will know that this is just a common misconception, just a myth and nothing more.

You cannot see the Great Wall of China from space, please tell that to everyone who tries to sound funny or intelligent using this common myth.

  1. Vikings Had Horned Helms. Yeah, right! As If!

Vikings didn’t really wear horned helms, in fact of these helms where made for the purposes of a 19th century Wagner opera.  Therefore, these helms in fact are a costume.

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